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Interior Painting for Residential and Commercial

The Five Steps to a Beautiful Interior

1. Setup

  • Rooms and areas to be painted are scheduled with the customer.
  • Large furniture is moved into the center of the room.
  • Wall and ceiling fixture are removed.
  • Furniture is covered with 6mils plastic.
  • Floors are covered with 6 mils plastic and drop cloths.

2. Preparation

  • Walls and ceilings are scuff-sanded.
  • Replaster or spackle cracks, crevices and open joints repaired.
  • Gaps in trims are caulked.
  • Stains, such as water marks, are sealed.
  • Washing is done where required.

3. Painting

  • Repaired areas are primed.
  • Paint is applied with a brush, roller or sprayer depending on the surface.
  • Ceilings and walls are painted to proper coverage and finish color.
  • Clean cut lines between trims & walls.
  • Only premium quality paints are used.

4. Cleanup

  • Furniture is moved back to original positions.
  • Wall and ceiling fixture are replaced.
  • Floors and carpets are thoroughly clean with an HEPA vacuum.
  • All garbage is removed.
  • Touchup paint is labeled and left with the customer.

5. Inspection

  • Before the crew packs up their equipment, a "wet walk-around" is done
    to ensure all contracted areas are painted properly.
  • Final touchups are noted and completed before the crew leaves.
  • After the crew leaves, a "dry walk-around" is done with the customer.

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